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Copper Wedding Anniversary Bouquet with 7 Paper Flowers | Handmade

An everlasting handmade paper flower bouquet that fits the anniversary theme. The flowers are handcrafted from paper that resemble cotton (2nd), leather (3rd), wood (5th), iron (6th) and copper (7th wedding anniversary). The first wedding anniversary is easy since paper is the theme, just choose your preferred color. The fourth wedding anniversary theme is "flower" which is easy as well (paper with flower prints on it as seen in the last picture). 

Handmade with love in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ.

  • An individual paper flower 
    * is made from a single sheet of paper
    * is about 2 1/4 in (6 cm) in diameter and about 1 3/4 in (4.5cm) in length.
    * is made from paper that looks like cotton, leather, wood, iron, and copper, respectively, and choose a single common paper color for the 1st and 4th wedding anniversary. Please select your preferred paper choices when placing the order.
    * is handmade with love.

    The flowers are put together as a bouquet. The bouquet will be placed in a separate paper flower funnel. 

Colour for 1st anniversary
Colour for 4th anniversary