Giant Paper Flowers Wall Decor | Nursery, Wedding | NZ

Giant Paper Flowers Wall Decor | Nursery, Wedding | NZ

Fantastic giant paper flower ensemble which is a great wall decor in the kids nursery, your bedroom, or the living room. Also these large paper flowers can make a fantastic backdrop at your wedding celebration and are an everlasting memory. It makes just a wonderful wall art. Just contact me if you like differnet colours, different number of large flowers, more or less leaves, or a "rose-like design", almost all is possible.

Handmade with love in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • You will get a set of paper flowers designed as seen in the main picture (white and pink flowers). This design will consists of

    • two supersize flowers (about 30cm)
    • one huge flower (about 25 cm)
    • one big flower (about 23 cm)
    • one medium flower (about 20 cm)
    • one regular flower (about 18 cm)
    • two huge leaves (about 35 cm long)
    • two big leaves (about 25 cm long)
    • one medium leaf (about 20 cm long)
    • a piece of art handmade with love from quality paper.


    The whole assemble of white and pink flowers and leaves as seen in the picture is arranged over an area of about 100 cm x 60 cm.