Origami Golden Venture Biplane | Living Paper Gifts | NZ | Front-Side view

Handmade 3D Origami Bi-plane - Ideal Gift for Men

This gift is the ideal choice for every man: a bi-plane made from quality paper. Birthday, Christmas, you name the celebration, this gift will be a hit regardless. Made from about 1500 folded triangles you can choose the colour combination and more. Just contact me. 

Handmade with love in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ.

  • You will get

    • A Golden Venture (or modular) origami creation consisting of about 1500 triangels

    • Dimensions: 39cm wingspan and 20cm length.

    • A speciality of the biplane is that the propeller is spinning. 

    • Do you have a preference for a special colour scheme? Maybe you prefer a birthday number or a different pattern on the wings? Just contact me with your idea and we can discuss what is possible. 

    • A choice of a colour theme (please contact me first if you would like a different colour scheme than in the pictures).
    • a piece of art handmade with love from quality paper.


    Discount is offered for orders of 2 or more.