Handmade Anniversary Card | Paper Flowers | Red | ARZU ZIEGLER | NZ

Handmade Anniversary Card - Floral Model w/ Exquisite Envelope

You will get a very special handmade wedding anniversary Card with floral decorations, bling and with its own also handmade colour matching envelope box. The paper flowers are carefully made and placed next to the sentiment.

The envelope comes with additional decorations that make it even more stunning than the basic envelope model, just right for the very special recipient.

Handmade with love in Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ.

  • You will get

    • a Swirly Card very similar to the card in the pictures with a size of about 7.5 in x 6 in (19 cm x 15 cm).
    • a paper envelope made from the same colour as the card base.
    • the sentiment "Happy 10th Anniversary" on the card unless you let me know about another option (see below).
    • a choice of a colour theme (please contact me if you would like a different colour scheme than in the first pictures).
    • a piece of art handmade with love from quality paper.
    • optionally you can choose metallic paper to give the card this extra deluxe appearance.