Handmade Happy Birthday Lettuce Card | ARZU ZIEGLER | NZ | Lower Hutt

Handmade Greeting Card w/ sentiments - Lattice model

You will get a very special handmade greeting card with a lattice decoration with its own also handmade colour matching envelope.

  • You will get

    * a Lattice Card very similar to the card in the pictures with a size of about 7 in x 5 in (18 cm x 13 cm).
    * a paper envelope made from the same colour as the card colour theme.
    * the sentiment "Happy Birthday" on the card unless you let me know about another option (see below).
    * a choice of a colour theme (please contact me if you would like a different colour scheme than available in the options).
    * a piece of art handmade with love from quality paper.
    * optionally you can choose metallic paper to give the card this extra deluxe appearance.
    * optionally I can place a gift card holder inside the card for gift cards in credit card size. (Could not get more "card" in this sentence :) )


    Send me a note when placing the order or contact me within 24 hours after ordering
    * if you would like a different sentiment than the default "Happy Birthday" on the card. Merry Christmas, Happy Anniversary, Get Well, and Thank You are examples of other options.
    * if you would like me to place a gift card holder inside the card for free (works with credit card sized gift cards).